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Agony Aunties

 Read this:

Hey people! We are the  Agony  Aunties! We have  loads of advice  stored up in  our (big) brains!

So, please, if you have a worry or a  problem please write us a  note or  short  letter and put  it in the  worry box  in the  Spirituality  Area. We will  take out any names  or  personal details so please  do  not waste energy, paper  or ink.  Also please can you  come up with  a short  snazzy pen-name (fake  name) to round up your  letter.  Unless you have  permission do not put  anyone else's worry in the  tube. Thanks for taking all  that in!

 The Agony Aunties! 


For more info on us look at our posters that are all around school!

Questions from the box:

Dear Agony Aunties,

My friend is being mean to me. What do I do?

                                                   From ....

Dear ... ,

If your friend is being mean you should tell a teacher. If you don't want to tell a teacher your friend is being mean then you should talk to your other friends and ask them what you should do. Another thing you can do is connect to your friend distantly by text, email or sending them a card! Good luck!

                                                 From The Agony Aunties              

Dear Agony Aunties,   

Me and my friend have our ups and downs, I still want to be her friend.

from ...



it is completely normal to have ups and downs with your friends even if they have been your friend forever or a few weeks. Remember to say sorry if you have done anything wrong. If you think you havn't done anything, it's best to say sorry anyway or forgive your friend if they say sorry. It's good to talk things through with them and make sure they are ok. 

From the Agony Aunties



There has been NO Agony Auntie's mail this week so I have decided to leave last week's worries up and give you  some 'Calm your nerves' tips!

Calm Your Nerves!                                    

     If you have a worry and decide not to ask me then I have a couple of simple tips:     
       Talk - talk to someone, best friend, mum, dad, carer, babysitter, cousin, aunt, uncle, grandparent, teacher or even the ChildLine (0800 1111).

       Relax - What do you do to wind down? I know I either: write in my journal, dance, call over a friend, sing, play on my iPad, bake or go out to the local shop. Try these things! Other ideas are: play with a sibling, help a parent around the house, Skype/FaceTime a friend or relative or anything else you enjoy!

       Sleep - Everything is better after a good night's sleep, your head will be clearer, you will think of things differently and you will be less tired (things, including worries, are worse when you're tired).

        Those are my 3 tips to help you deal with stress, worries and drama! 

Please put your worries in the worry box in the Spirituality Area!

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