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Hello!This is Pupil Voice's general news. It's teeming with what's happened, what's going to happen, all the sporting events and awards.

Read this text and you will know the past, present and future!   

Updated every week.

Sorry that we didn't update last week, there was a problem with the internet.

Secondary school induction and transition days

After the bumpy road of SATs, the children in y6 will be going to secondary schools. To prepare, there will be transition days. For the y6 children and parents, please make a note of these dates below.TOP TIP Jot them down on a spare piece of paper and stick them on the fridge.

8/06/2017-y6 Stamford Endowed Schools

5 & 6/7/2017-y6 Kings School Peterborough

5/7/2017-y5 taster day-Stamford Welland Academy

6/7/2017-Y6 Stamford Welland Academy

7/7/2017-y6 Bourne Grammar School

4/9/2017- Y6 to y7 Stamford School Induction day

Trim trail update! 

The trim trail is finally done! Everyone has had a go a few times and they love it!


Christian aid week!

 This week is Christian aid week. We will be suporting refugees that have had to evacuate their homes.



On Thursday,Year 5/6 girls football team played a game at St Augustine's and played fantastically! 


Home time!

After school, some ks2 children walk home alone. We would like to ask other parents to not offer pupils rides home without permission from parents. We have had problems where pupils have agreed to be taken home by somebody else without the school knowing. This has resulted into worried staff driving around town searching for children and getting calls from angry parents. I know you will help us in this and thank you for your understanding. Remember, stay safe!

Remember children, stranger danger! Don't get involved with any strangers offering lifts. Just walk away! 


Year 2 Sats! 

 The year 2s have finished their sats! They have done an excellent job! Well done year 2s! 

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