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1st June 2020 

It is wonderful that All Saints Church hold us in their prayers as we move forward into this next stage of welcoming back children into school.


A reflection as schools re-open and embrace a post-lockdown world:


Jesus would have made a good head teacher. He taught with authority (unlike the scribes), he got people thinking (trying to understand his parables), he built a team (the disciples) and trained them (sending 12 then 72 to go and practise), he handled OFSTED with aplomb (always rebuffing and confounding the Pharisees), and he looked after the wider interests of his followers (school picnics for thousands on a budget worth peanuts). Above all, he cared intensely for the children: "Let the little children come to me, and do not stop them; for it is to such as these that the kingdom of God belongs." (Luke 18:16).


As schools begin to re-open and address all the challenges that this will bring, may God bless our teachers, support staff, the site and cleaning teams and all who work in any capacity in schools, and may God bless our children who return to an unfamiliar classroom setting.




 As a church school, St. Gilbert’s sees the growth of its children and their faith as a something which underpins everything we do. We value the warm and positive ethos which is palpable as you walk around the school. We encourage our children to ask questions, to explore what having a faith really means, opening them up to experiences with a variety of faiths and denominations, and support them in their journey as they make decisions about the place of God in their lives.


We have chosen 6 values to strengthen and focus our worship and daily lives in school and will continue to build upon these as we learn and grow together as Christians. These values are:



Our thanks to from whom we have gained the following information.


The school has formal links with All Saints' Church, with members of the clergy leading our Collective Worship regularly during the school year. The pupils attend a number of services during the year and parents are invited to join us.


Our school is named after St Gilbert of Sempringham.


Gilbert of Sempringham, born 1083, died 1189.


His father was a Norman knight Jocelin and his mother was Anglo Saxon. He studied in France and became a cleric. Returning to Lincolnshire, he founded a school for boys and girls, unusual in those times. Later he became a priest and in 1131 he was settled at Sempringham where he founded an order for both monks and nuns with 13 monasteries; nine were "double" houses for monks and nuns and four for monks only.

He supported Thomas a Becket and helped him to escape to the Continent, disguised as an ordinary lay brother. Gilbert lived to be nearly 106 and founded orphanages and hospitals for lepers.He was buried at Sempringham and declared a saint in 1202.

His Order, the Gilbertines, flourished until the Reformation and the Dissolution of the Monasteries; it was the only order founded by an Englishman and his Feast Day is February 4th.

This information comes from The Oxford Dictionary of Saints.

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