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Our Staff


Miss F Dicker


Deputy Headteacher

Mrs K Standen


Designated Safeguarding Leads

Miss F Dicker

Mrs K Standen 


Teaching Staff

Foundation Stage

Miss R Cook

Mrs C Dawson

Year 1/2

 Miss C Rudkin - Key Stage One Leader

 Miss S Pozella

 Mrs D Issitt

Year 3/4

Mrs H Howson - Key Stage Two Leader

Miss S Stafford

Mrs S Warner

Year 5/6

Mrs J Christoudias

Miss V Berry

Mrs C Munson-Pike


Peripatetic Music Teachers

Mr Howman - Guitar

Ms Pattison- Piano

Mr Beeston- Brass

Mrs Smith - Strings



Mrs K Standen- email 

Attendance Lead

Miss F Dicker

Office Staff

Mr P Allan, School Business Manager

Mrs J Doyle, Administrator

Mrs J Lavers, Finance Assistant


Site Team

Mr J Cooper, Site Manager

Mrs B Swann, Cleaner

Mr J Pritchard, Cleaner



Mrs N Muller

Mrs K Brewell 

Teaching Assistants

Miss L Bicker
Miss L Burbidge
Mrs B Daniels
Miss A Denne
Mrs C Dickinson
Mrs H Lane
Miss G Leonard
Mrs S Parkin
Mrs A Pinto 
Miss V Pointer
Mrs A Sismey
Mrs J Slade
Mrs P Truslove
Miss S Wiggett
Mrs J Woods 
 Mrs L Worrall

Midday Supervisors

Mrs B Swann
Mrs S Cooper 
Miss A Denne
Miss J Lindberg 
Miss V Pointer
Mr J Pritchard
Mrs A Sismey
Mrs L Worrall